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Thomas-Alva Mock
31 years
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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Thomas-Alva Mock who was born on December 15, 1975 and passed away on January 22, 2007 at the age of 31. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.


Latest Memories

Hey Dude, was just thinking about you again. Your birthday is coming up and I just wanted to say happy birthday. I found a poem on Facebook and even though I didn't write it, it says exactly what I was thinking.

Wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought about you today, but that's nothing new, I thought about you yesterday and the day before too. I think of you in silence and often speak your name, all I have are memories and your picture in a frame..

Sheena Miser
I remember when you used to come to our house, and you'd always ask about dinner.  I miss that. I miss everything about you.... We love  you uncle Tom.

Latest Condolences
Susie ~ Sis to ^j^ Timothy Andrews January 20, 2010

I found your site by looking for my brother's name for his January angelversary.  Strange to see someone who was born on the same day as my brother and passed away on the same day as he did.  Although you were not the same age, you guys share the same birth date and death date.


Tim's sister,


Doyle Hutchison Jr My Uncle I Really Wanted December 15, 2009

I never knew Tommy, but I like to believe that this wonderful family that I have joined has given me an uncle/ brother that I never had the opportunity to know, joke with, be ribbed by, give back to, or receive a threat to bear chest wrestle before I could propose to his neice, I like to hope that upon meeting and having a conversation with me that he would have welcomed me into his family, without wrestling.  I miss hanging out with you Tommy, you and I would have had the greatest family times!  Your family, the people who knew and loved you best, miss you, love you, and wish you could be here... For Mark, for you, your favorite niece Sheena, will always know love, appreciation, and an ear.  I can never take your place as a loving, great uncle, but I will be an awesome husband, son-in-law, and awsome shoulda been nephew in law that would have given you a run in the trash talking.


 Your Nephew in- law


Doyle Hutchison

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